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Navigar combines PIPSC’s knowledge of its members with insights and technology to help members develop their skills and future-proof their careers.

Navigar was developed with federal, provincial, and territorial public service employees at its core.

The tool’s unique data-based insights lead to intelligent career planning that is invaluable to PIPSC members. This benefits both Canadian public-service employees and their employers.

Powered by PIPSC

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC)
PIPSC created Navigar to help fulfill our vision to provide outstanding career advancement and support so our members can thrive in the workforce today and in the future.
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Funded by FSC

Future Skills Centre (FSC)
Navigar is a first-of-its-kind tool made possible through funding from FSC, a federal initiative to help Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.
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Faethm by Pearson
Faethm’s market-leading data, insights, and applied intelligence capabilities help ensure Navigar adapts to the rapidly changing demands and needs of today’s workforce.
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Navigar users have access to more than 40,000 courses, audiobooks, books, and training materials from Percipio, a global leader in training that recently acquired Global Knowledge.
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PIPSC uses member job data to generate sector-specific insights, and personalized learning plans to help their members develop their skills and future-proof their careers.
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Filtered x Navigar Case Study
Navigar was developed for its members: federal, provincial and territorial public service employees.
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Canadian School of Public Service
The CSPS provides federal government employees with a tailored learning catalogue. Navigar’s curated learning plans include courses from CSPS.
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