Iván Barradas (He, him)

Bilingual Facilitator
A master’s graduate of Concordia University in the field of Modern Languages, Iván spent 10 years teaching at the Higher and Continuing Education levels. Interested by the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Montreal, he was a member of one incubator focused on the Creative and Cultural Industries of Quebec, where he started facilitating several workshops and webinars to educational institutions and corporate clients. Shortly after that, he oriented his professional interests towards the practice of Cultural Mediation –a flourishing field in Canada that fosters constructive dialogue among artists, institutions, communities and individuals– working with youth, newcomers and 2SLGBTQIA+ collectives on themes related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. His experience working in the community sector includes several positions related to project management and community outreach. He developed a podcast to bring together Francophones, English speakers, First Nations, and new immigrants settled in the province of Quebec. In his free time, Iván loves to practice languages (nowadays, he's improving his verbal communication in Portuguese) –the best way to do it is to get immersed in their culture. He also dedicates time to ‘unplug’ himself meditating and nurturing his spirituality, surrounded by nature and animals… Or just chilling out at home with his cat. Iván is a winter person: the snowy days are never enough for him.

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