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Your career development co-pilot

Whether you want to advance in your current position or pivot to a new profession, Navigar provides the insights you need along with a skills development plan tailored to your goals.

Plan your career path

Navigar zeroes in on relevant career options and the specific skills that will take you where you want to go.

future-proof your skills

Navigar shows how you can adapt to upcoming job-market changes based on current and future workforce trends.

stay on track

Navigar keeps track of your development as you build on and acquire skills through curated courses and trainings.


Career insights

Develop your right career path by discovering jobs relevant to your current skills and future goals.


Relevant skills

Understand the skill sets required for any career, mapped to your personalized development plan, and tracked as you acquire them.


Available courses

Eliminate the guesswork of career development with personalized recommendations for relevant courses from learning partners.

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